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FAQ’s About iPhone 12 Chargers

Can I use my old iPhone charging adapter?

The iPhone 12 series models can be charged with any lightning cable and charging adapter you have with you.

It can even be USB-A (basic USB port) to lightning cable plugged to any charging adapter.

Can I use a Non-MagSafe wireless charger for iPhone 12?

Yes, iPhone 12 series models are compatible with basic Qi wireless chargers available in the market.

Will I get MAXIMUM charging speed with other charging adapters?

Without USB Type-C or MagSafe, you will not get maximum charging speed promised by iPhone 12 specs.

To get maximum charging speed, use a 20W or higher USB Type-C charging adapter or a 15W+ MagSafe charger.

Is it safe to use a Non-Apple brand charging adapter for my iPhone 12?

It is totally safe as long as the necessary protections are promised and you stick with original brands such as BASEUS, ANKER, JOYROOM, LDNIO etc.