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Mighty Meatballs Maker

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Traditional Meatballs: If you’re not looking for anything fancy, you can use your Mighty Meatball to make nicely shaped traditional beef meatballs, without any stuffing. When you’re craving the taste of pizza and the taste of a burger at the same time, you can also stuff your meatballs with your favorite pizza ingredients, like pepperoni, tomato sauce, bacon, and cheese. Vegetable Meatballs: If you love vegetables, or want to eat more of them for health reasons, you’ll be able to neatly stuff your meatballs with a variety of your favorite veggies when you use the Mighty Meatball. Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatballs: For those meatball eaters who prefer chicken meatballs instead of beef, you may wish to stuff your meatballs with ham and swiss cheese so that they’ll taste like Chicken Cordon Bleu. Thanksgiving Meatballs: On Thanksgiving (or Christmas, if applicable), you can make turkey meatballs stuffed with cranberry sauce and stuffing, for a festive delight. This is a great alternative if you’re eating alone or with a small group, and don’t want to cook an entire turkey. Stuffed Potatoes: Besides meatballs, you can also make potatoes stuffed with virtually anything, such as garlic or cheese, with your Mighty Meatball. Just cut your potatoes in half, and place them in the device where you would normally place your meat. Rice Balls: By placing rice where you would normally place meat in your Mighty Meatball, you can make rice balls, too. If you’re a meat lover, you can stuff them with pork, or if you’re a vegetarian, they can be stuffed with vegetables. Scotch Eggs: Your Mighty Meatball device will enable you to make Scotch eggs, which are hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat. Just remember to boil the eggs first before using them as stuffing. Kitchen and Dining Type: Alternative Ice Cubes, Brand: Other.