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A Treat for Every Tech Nerd

It doesn’t have to be a tech nerd but at, we have worked on getting the best collection of gadgets to suit every tech desire for Rs.3000 or less.

To begin, check out our range of gadgets below for Rs.3000 or less.

Memory Cards & Micro SD Cards

If you are crazy about selfies, recording videos, and taking a snap of every single moment that cannot be missed, then you will need a good Micro SD Memory Card to keep saving all those memories without storage blocking you. It also makes things easier when you have to switch phones or cameras.

Pen Drive

Some may think USB Pen drives are obsolete but that’s untrue. USB Pen Drives aka flash drives are very popular and in demand thanks to their convenience in carrying around the most important data in your pocket. You can enjoy sharing files with your colleagues, friends, family, and more.

DVD Drives are in the past, but USB Pen drives are here to stay.

Data Cable

Data cables and charging cables are just as important as phone chargers. Getting a good quality data cable makes a big difference in how fast your phone charges and how well the battery stays after multiple charging cycles. Stick with the best quality cables ONLY.

Phone Charger

Phone chargers also known as charging docks or adapters are the lifeblood of every mobile phone user. Fast chargers are now the trend and it’s wise to upgrade your charging speed with a fast charging adapter for better-charging speed.

HDMI Cable

VGA cables and old AV cables are of the past. HDMI cables have been the trend for more than 10 years and until USB-C takes over, HDMI cables are still here to stay. It’s widely used to connect your CCTV, Laptop, Desktop, and Cable TV boxes to your big screen TV or monitor.

Air Pods

Thanks to Apple for releasing the Air Pods, we now have a budget range of ear pods and Bluetooth earphones that make our lives so much easier. We’ve got you covered with ORIGINAL and BRANDED Air Pods and Bluetooth Earphones for less than Rs.3000.

PC Speakers

Computer speakers for less than Rs.3000 in Sri Lanka – a challenge we accept. Try our selections – you will forget about upgrading to a high-end speaker system unless you are a musician.

Bluetooth Speakers

Minimalistic design and space require fewer wires. Go with Bluetooth speakers to enjoy a clutter-free experience. It is also very convenient to have your speaker close to you without you having to be near the speaker which cannot move around due to the plug point limitations.

Tripod Stand

TikTok, YouTubers, and Instagrammers understand the importance of Tripod Stands. A good and steady tripod stand is very important. We’ve got you covered with new trendy tripod stands in Sri Lanka that also come with ring lights as well.

Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks looked like a fad but they are still here to stay. Be it to take selfies with your friends and family or simply to record yourself to share with social media, we’ve got selfie sticks to match every occasion.

Laptop Stands

Ergonomics is very important when spending a lot of time with your laptop. Your eyes, neck, shoulders, and entire body can get strained when you don’t follow ergonomic procedures. Have a look at our range of the best adjustable laptop stands in Sri Lanka to ensure the best fit for your requirement for a better posture.


Earphones may have become wireless but wired earphones still have their place – especially since they are more affordable than their wireless counterparts. Enjoy a good audio experience with our range of branded earphones and headsets in Sri Lanka.


Not only do smartwatches have multiple functions, but they also look very trendy. Enjoy more productivity and style at the same time.

Power Bank

Stay charged and powered all day with our range of high-quality and reliable power banks in Sri Lanka. All our electronic accessories are backed up by a minimum 6 months warranty so you have one less thing to worry about.