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10 Benefits of Using Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the new player in the field after smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The trend drastically shifted from bulky mobile phones to smartphones and now we have smartwatches that, due to their numerous benefits, may permanently replace traditional wristwatches soon.

A smartwatch can be viewed as an extension of smartphones but in the form of a wristwatch. It has a similar android or Apple operating system with nearly identical features and functionalities.

However, there are certain significant benefits of using smartwatches that are worth checking out. Let’s explore them one by one.

1. Stay connected via calls and messages

A smartwatch is not just about wearing a big-screen fancy watch on your wrist. It can perform all the basic functions that a typical smartphone does.

You can make calls, text, reply to messages, and more. A smartwatch has a built-in microphone just as in a smartphone that allows you to speak to others on a call.

You can even connect your smartwatch to a Bluetooth headset or an airpod and attend calls over it. To use the calling and messaging feature, you can either connect your phone to the smartwatch or if your watch comes with a micro-sim port, you can do so directly after inserting a sim card.

2. Connects with your smartphone

Smartwatches readily connect with smartphones via Bluetooth or a dedicated app. This allows the smartwatch to receive and respond to all the calls, messages, and notifications that are originally received on the phone.

Therefore, you don’t need to open the phone as you can simply access every notification on your smartwatch. Moreover, you can control music on your phone from the smartwatch, access the contact list, unlock the phone from the watch, make calls, send messages, and more.

In short, your smartwatch acts as a remote controller to manage your digital life.

3. Helps improve fitness

Smartwatches come equipped with several features that can play a part in improving your health or assist you in doing so.

For instance, smartwatches come with a built-in pedometer that keeps a record of steps taken and also calculates the calories burnt.

Therefore, it’s easier for you to follow your progress. The sleep monitor tracks your sleep pattern and generates a report on how much you slept or how much sleep you lack.

It also checks your heartbeat while sleeping to ensure quality sleep. Additionally, you can download fitness apps based on your goals while built-in features like stopwatch and workout reminders help in following your plans.

4. You can carry on with your activities

A smartwatch goes on your wrist and unlike smartphones, to use it, you don’t need to hold it in hand or halt whatever you’re doing. Whether you are driving, running, swimming, or doing any daily chores a smartwatch keeps you updated with calls, messages, or notifications.

It frees you from the hassle of taking out the smartphone from your pocket especially when your hands are full of some other task.

With a smartwatch, you can have a quick peek onto the screen, get updated with the latest, and then go back to whatever you were doing.

5. Longer battery time

If you are into a more technical comparison, note that modern smartwatches are equipped with powerful and long-lasting batteries that surpass even smartphone batteries.

The main reason for longer battery life for smartwatches is their comparatively simplistic operating system that prevents battery drainage.

Power banks can be bulky. They don’t suite well in a business meeting. Any smartwatch with a decent battery can last up to 10-30 days or more on a single charge and act as a life-saver when your phone chickens out. Going on a business tour or a long trip, a smartwatch on your wrist is always a reliable backup in case your phone runs empty on battery.

6. They are the new trend

Let’s admit it; smartwatches look cool! Just as the watch fob was replaced with wristwatches, standard wristwatches are now overtaken by smartwatches.

With the fast-evolving global fashion trends, watches are not to be left behind. Thanks to their versatile nature, smartwatches are suitable to use both formally, at office or business meetings, and in casual events like parties.

Athletes also wear smartwatches when cycling, jogging, or swimming. Thus, a single smartwatch is relevant for all occasions. You are sure to catch some attention due to your smartwatch for its eye-catching design.

7. Manage your social media

Smartwatches let you connect to your friends and family through social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. You can follow global trends on Twitter or your favorite celebrity on Instagram.

Modern smartwatches, just like smartphones, have app stores from where you can download and use social apps.

To make things easier, it’s all now on your wrist. Note that some smartwatches can act as a standalone device to run social media apps while connected to a network.

However, some smartwatches may only show notifications when connected to a smartphone nearby.

All you need is a tripod stand and a selfie stick and you just become a social media star!

8. Find lost devices

Devices like smartphones and keys, once connected to a smartwatch, can be found easily if lost. Almost every smartwatch has a ‘find my phone’ feature that allows ringing the lost device and hence letting you find it.

Even without this feature, Bluetooth connectivity can help you spot the device if it’s close enough. Else, you can roam around where the device might be and wait for the connection to form, indicating that the device is nearby.

Modern car keys, nowadays, also have Bluetooth integrated. Thus, thanks to smartwatches, you can avoid the stress of finding your phone or keys especially when you’re running late.

9. Lots of smart features

Smart features in a ‘smartwatch’ shouldn’t come as a surprise though. A smartwatch is stuffed with lots of handy features that separates it from typical watches.

We have time-related features such as an alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. For navigation, we have a standard compass while modern smartwatches have GPS and apps like Google maps.

Then there are fitness features such as a pedometer, heart-rate monitor, blood pressure measurer, and the latest Apple smartwatches even have an ECG. Athletes can make the most of the accelerometer and gyroscope to keep a track of their exercise. In short, you get a lot in a single package.

10. Never get bored

It will be unfair to conclude the session without considering the entertainment perks offered by smartwatches.

They not only let you manage your social accounts but provide you entertainment in the form of music, camera, online video streaming, audio/video player, e-books, and internet browsers.

It’s all on your wrist just a few clicks away. You stream music endlessly while working out or capture pictures wherever you go.

Final Words

As if the above benefits were not enough, you’ll be surprised to know that smartwatches are relatively a whole lot cheaper than smartphones. They are sleek, affordable, stylish, and stuffed with features and entertainment. You have a whole world right at your wrist.