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Simple Home Improvement Hacks

Don’t turn your house into a mess. Use these organizing hacks to organize your home, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more. You can find most of these items for less than 3000/- at

Keeping everything organized helps you become centered and at peace.

Ready for Some Hacks to Improve Your Home and Life?

Hang your clothes
Planning to toss the clothes on the couch or the bed? Is the bed to sleep or to collect your pile of dirty clothes? Use a cloth hanger to keep your clothes neatly hung until you use them again.

Use a Laundry Basket
If you do not plan to re-use the clothes that you just removed, put them into a laundry basket. Do not throw them on the floor or the bed again – especially those dirty socks and undergarments.

Hang your towels, belts
Where do you want to keep your towels and belts? On the bed, couch, or the floor? Use a wall hanger rack, towel rack, or hooks bar to keep them above ground and high enough to let the towels dry without touching the floor.

Keep your shoes in one place.
It’s quite messy to see dirty shoes at the entrance or in your room. Put your shoes inside – out of sight. Use a shoe rack. If you live in a dusty place, use a shoe cupboard.

Keep your shampoos, toothpaste, and toothbrush above the sink.
Use a bathroom shelf and a corner shelf. These can be easily mounted via suction cups to tiles and corners.

Keep your sofa clean.
Own an expensive sofa? Have pets or kids? It can be quite expensive to clean your sofa. Avoid the mess with sofa covers.

Clean your room fast
Lack of space to keep your cleaning items? No space for a floor mop and a mop bucket? Use a spray mop.

Keep your plates dry
Are you piling your plates, cutlery, and glasses in the pantry? It can smell if you put them inside wet after a wash. Use a plate rack or dish rack to keep things dry and clean. Looks nice in your kitchen too.

Store your food in style
Use stackable plastic food containers to save space by storing your food and seasonings in a small in your pantry or fridge.

Under the fridge and washing machine
Use a movable washing machine and fridge stand. It comes with wheels and holds up to 300kg. Use this to move your fridge or washing machine to clean the dirt that piles under and behind it.

Avoid using a TV Stand.
TV Stand can take up too much space. It makes you messy with your pile of remote controls and DVD players. Use a TV Wall Mount Bracket to mount the TV to the wall and do away with the TV Unit.

Be Prepared for Power Cuts
Sri Lanka is popular with frequent power cuts. Be prepared for the next power cut with a reliable emergency light and rechargeable fans.

Wash Your Garden & Home Effectively
Have things to wash outside or inside your home? Water your garden or wash the pathway, walls and entrance use a pressure washer. Saves time from scrubbing so much.

Standardized Cooking
Make sure you cook right every time with a standard measurement – Use measuring spoons and a kitchen weighing scale to ensure the best results every-time.

Steer Clear from the Flu
Use a facial steamer to keep yourself looking fresh whiles staying away from the cold and flu.

Refresh your Body
Use a leg massager at the end of the day to rejuvenate yourself with healthy legs.

Save Electricity
While you do your best to turn off the lights and fans where unnecessary, try your best to save more energy by using led bulbs.

Avoid Accidents During Power Cuts
In the washroom and the power goes off? No emergency lights inside the washroom? Use emergency bulbs – replace the existing bulb with one. Works just like a normal led bulb but stays on even during power cuts. Turn off the switch even during the power cut and the light will turn off 🙂

Keep Free from Flies
Use an Automatic Flycatcher to trap those flies pestering you all the time. Avoid the bodies falling off in random places. They will all be collected inside the Fly Trap.

Enjoy a Good BBQ at Home
Save money with an electric BBQ grill or have a smoked BBQ with a portable charcoal BBQ grill.


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