Yesido SF11 Remote Control Wireless Tripod Selfie Stick



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  • Tripod selfie stick with Bluetooth remote control function
  • Compact size and lightweight, foldable and telescopic, easy to carry and use
  • Can be used as a desktop stand or an outdoor selfie stick
  • The mobile phone holder angle can be adjusted freely, allowing you to take photos as you like to meet different shooting needs
  • Stainless steel telescopic rod, adjustable length, superb craftsmanship and stylish appearance
  • Stable triangle support, durable and reliable

Yesido SF11 Remote Control Wireless Tripod Selfie Stick

Are you tired of blurry and awkward selfies? Want to take your photography skills to the next level without carrying heavy equipment? Look no further than the Yesido SF11 Remote Control Wireless Tripod Selfie Stick! In this article, we’ll dive into the features, benefits, and how to make the most of this innovative gadget.

1. Introduction

What is the Yesido SF11 Remote Control Wireless Tripod Selfie Stick?

The Yesido SF11 is not your ordinary selfie stick. It’s a versatile gadget that combines a selfie stick and a tripod into one compact and user-friendly device. It’s designed to help you capture the perfect shots effortlessly, whether you’re traveling solo, taking group photos, or creating content for your vlogs or social media.

Why is it gaining popularity?

With the rise of social media and content creation, people are more enthusiastic about sharing their experiences through photos and videos. The Yesido SF11 addresses the common challenges of capturing steady and well-framed shots, making it a popular choice among photography enthusiasts and travelers.

2. Features of Yesido SF11

Built-in Wireless Remote Control

The most striking feature of the Yesido SF11 is the built-in wireless remote control. No need to use timers or rely on someone else to press the shutter button for you. The remote control connects seamlessly to your smartphone, allowing you to capture photos and videos from a distance.

Extendable Tripod Design

Unlike traditional selfie sticks with fixed lengths, the Yesido SF11 boasts an extendable tripod design. It can be extended to various lengths, giving you the flexibility to capture shots from different angles and distances.

Universal Phone Holder

The selfie stick comes with a universal phone holder that securely grips your smartphone. It is compatible with most smartphones, ensuring that your device stays in place during photo sessions.

360-Degree Rotatable Phone Mount

With a 360-degree rotatable phone mount, you can switch between portrait and landscape modes effortlessly. Capture both stunning vertical selfies and beautiful wide-angle landscape shots.

Sturdy and Durable Build

Made from high-quality materials, the Yesido SF11 is designed to withstand everyday use and the occasional knocks and bumps. It offers excellent durability, ensuring it will be your reliable companion for a long time.

Lightweight and Portable

The lightweight design of the Yesido SF11 makes it easy to carry around during your adventures. It fits neatly into your bag or pocket, so you can take it anywhere without adding extra weight.

3. The Benefits of Using Yesido SF11

Capturing Stunning Photos and Videos

With the Yesido SF11, you can say goodbye to blurry and poorly framed photos. The wireless remote control allows you to take shake-free shots, while the extendable tripod provides stability for capturing high-quality videos.

Perfect for Solo and Group Shots

Taking selfies with a traditional stick can be challenging, especially when you want to include your surroundings or friends. The Yesido SF11’s tripod feature allows you to set it up and capture group shots effortlessly.

Ideal for Travelers and Vloggers

For travelers and vloggers, the Yesido SF11 is a game-changer. Its compact size and lightweight design make it an excellent addition to your travel gear. Capture memorable moments without relying on strangers to take your photos.

Versatile Usage Options

The Yesido SF11 is not limited to selfies and group shots. You can use it for various creative purposes, such as time-lapse videos, capturing breathtaking landscapes, and even as a makeshift phone stand for video calls.

4. How to Set Up and Use Yesido SF11

Attaching Your Phone to the Selfie Stick

Using the Yesido SF11 is straightforward. Start by extending the selfie stick to your desired length. Next, open the phone holder’s jaws and place your smartphone in it, making sure it’s secure.

Pairing the Wireless Remote Control

To pair the wireless remote control with your smartphone, turn on the remote and enable the Bluetooth function on your phone. Search for the device in the Bluetooth settings and connect to it. Once paired, you’re ready to capture photos and videos remotely.

Adjusting the Tripod Height

To use the tripod feature, unlock the legs and extend them to the desired height. Make sure the tripod is stable and adjust the angles as needed for the perfect shot.

Capturing Photos and Videos

With your phone securely mounted and the tripod set up, it’s time to start capturing your moments. Use the wireless remote to take photos and start or stop video recording. Experiment with different angles and positions for creative shots.

5. Comparing Yesido SF11 with Other Selfie Sticks

Yesido SF11 vs. Traditional Selfie Sticks

Traditional selfie sticks lack stability, making it challenging to capture shake-free photos. The Yesido SF11’s tripod design offers enhanced stability, providing better quality shots.

Yesido SF11 vs. Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

Bluetooth selfie sticks require constant charging and pairing, while the Yesido SF11’s built-in wireless remote is always ready for use.

Yesido SF11 vs. Built-in Remote Selfie Sticks

Built-in remote selfie sticks often

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